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 第40题单选 Which of the fonowing is true about Maya Design?

  A.It hires women with familes.

  B.It has some overseat branches.

  C.It provides consulting services.

  D.It encourages the staff to work at home.


  第41题单选 What is Tory responsibility according to the passage?

  A.Taking on women employees.

  B.Dealing with women’s complaints.

  C.Dismissing unqualified women staff.

  D.Taking care of womeil staffs welfare.


  第42题单选 What is the advantage of Maya’s policy according to Mickey MeManus?

  A.It cuts down the management cost.

  B.It increases staff loyalty to the firm.

  C.It keeps a balance between work and life.

  D.It promotes equality in employment


  第43题单选 Which of these would be the best title for the passage?

  A.A Flexible Working Schedule

  B.A Staff Shortage in Mays Design

  C.A Pittsbergh—bassed Working Place

  D.A Company Taking Care of Young Parents


Harry Potter fans will instantly recognize the snowy owl as Harry’s famous companion.Hedwig,but these beautiful and powerful owls are easily recognizable not for their magicalassociations,but for their large size and striking white feathers.Snowy owls are,in fact,theonly white owl,and they are a highly sought after species for many birdwatchers to add to theirlife lists.

  Foods:Small mammals,birds,fish.

  Habitat and Migration:Snowy owls are found in far northern latitudes including tundra,avast treeless frozen region in the Arctic.Their breeding grounds(繁殖地)are in the Arctictundra,and they migrate south throughout Canada during the winter.In exceptionally severewinters or when food supplies are scarce,these owls can appear much further south than theirnormal range.While principally a North American bird.they can also migrate to the northernareas of Europe and Asia.

  Behaviour:Snowy owls,like aⅡowls,are powerful animal hunters that are active mostlyat night but Call bunt and feed during the day,especially when food supplies are low.Theseowls will rest on the ground or on rocks,stumps and other low favourable points.Males can befierce when defending the nest and both genders will also perform an“injured bird”act totempt animal invadeTs to go away from the nest.

  Reproduction:Snowy owls may incubate(孵卵)3—10 eggs for 30—34 days,or theincubation may be done primarily by the female.The baby owls remain in the nest for 14—21days and will attempt their first flight when they are 42—58 days old.Mated pairs will raiseone group of young birds per year unless food supplies are inadequate and then no eggs may beproduced.

  第44题单选 What have you learned from Paragraph 1 ?

  A.Harry Potter fans like snowy owls.

  B.Hedwig is one of the snowy owl watchers.

  C.The snowy owl is a large bird with white feathers.

  D.It is easy to find snowy owls in snow covered areas.


  第45题单选 What does Paragraph 3 tell about snowy owls?

  A.They can be found in Asia and Europe.

  B.They live in groups in hard winter days.

  C.Their breeding grounds are in areas south to Canada.

  D.They appear in the Artic when food supplies are scarce.


  第46题单选 For snowy owis,one way to detend their nest is.

  A.to stand on a rock nearby

  B.to pretend to have been injured

  C.to spread their wings

  D.to give a warning


  第47题单选 What will snowy owls probably do when food is insufficient?

  A.They may stop producing eggs.

  B.They will reduce their flights.

  C.They will be less active at night.

  D.They will only hunt during the day.


  We lost two superstars in 1977.Neither man’s admirers have been able to understand thesuccees of the other one.And this tells us something of the difference between the generationsthat the two singers represent.

  There were similarities between Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley.Both reached fame whileyoung and because very rich.Although neither one had any musical education,both developedtheir own musical styles。which were at first criticized by the Critics and later studied as newforms in the art of popular son9.Both man had successful movie careers despite a total lack ofacting ability.

  Both were creations of the microphone.which made it possible for signers with weakvoices to be heard beyond the third row.With Bing the microphone was usually hidden,butElvis brought it to the stage.

  The difference between the men reflects the changing values in American life.Crosby’smusic was soothing(令人舒畅的);Presley's was disturbin9.Crosby was singing to wartimeAmerica.His audiences had all the disturbances they could handle in their private lives.theydid not want to buy more at the record shop and the movie theater.

  Crosby’s admirers always said how“relaxed”and“natural”he was.When Presley beganhis career,the whole country had become relaxed and easygoin9.Its young people,who hadno rftemory of troubled times.found it borin9.They were hungry for excitement.Theywelcomed Elvis,who was certainly not the kind of young man their parents would admire.Presley was loud and valgar(粗俗的)-and he was bringing something new and exciting.

  It is probably too simple to explain each man in terms of changes in the economic and political situation.Something in the culture was also changing.

  第48题单选 Which of the following could be inferred about Crosby and Presley?

  A.They died in the same year.

  B.They became popular in 1977.

  C.They influenced each other in music.

  D.They represented the postwar generation.


  第49题单选 In which aspeet the singers are similar to each other?

  A.Their songs were widely used in movies.

  B.They became famous in late years of their lives.

  C.Their musical styles are not recognized by the critics.

  D.Neither of them received any formal musical education.


  第50题单选 What did Crosby's audiences get from his music?



  C.Ease and comfort.

  D.Passion and thrill.


  第51题单选 What is most likely to be discussed if the passage continues?

  A.The political situation that the two singers faced.

  B.The cultural changes that the two singers experienced.

  C.The economic influence on the music of the two singers.

  D.The messages that tlle two singewrs expressed in their music.


 There are millions of left—handed.people in the world.A number of them got together in1975 to form an association called Lefthanders International.The purpose of the organization isto fight discrimination(particularly in jobs)and to inform the public.They want everybody tounderstand the left.handress are neither“strange”nor sick nor drangerous.

  Many studies have been made recently about hand preferance in humans.They havebrought interesting results.It has been found,for instance,that many more men tha.n womenare left—handed.that all children use both hand about equally until they are three years oldand that hand preference is not clearly marked until age six.Above that age,most people notonly favour one purtitular hand but also have a favourite eye,a favourite ear and foot.

  We know that the left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain,whichseem8 that this particular half is the seat of emotions,imagination,and of the sense of space.And,indeed,lefties seem to be more creative than the fight—handers;they also seem to bemore athletic and to do better in some professions which like sports require a good sense ofsDace.In a large school of architecture,it was found in 1977 that 29%of tlle professors and23%of the graduating statents were left handed-while lefties represent less than l0%of thegeneral population.

  Finally.1eft handers may be more stubborn and more impulsive(冲动的)than righthanders.And thev are more likely to suffer from problems such as stuttering(口吃)and adifficulty in reading called dyslexia.The problems are more serious in left handed persons whohave been forced to favour their right hard.Doctors insist that one should never try to change achild’s hand preference.

  第52题单选 What does Lefthanders International aim to do for left—handers?

  A.To create new job.

  B.To promote equality.

  C.To show discrimiation.

  D.To study hand preference.


  第53题单选 According to recent studies,when is hand preference formed?

  A.Before birth.

  B.At birth.

  C.At age three.

  D.At age six


  第54题单选 Compared with right.handers,left-luckers.

  A.are less creative

  B.are more easygoing

  C.have a better sense of space

  D.do better in most professions


  第55题单选 Left—handers aye advised to stick to their hand preference because.

  A.it is fun and comfortable to be left-handel's

  B.the left hand is iust as good as the right hand

  C.it is diffcult for them to switch to the risht hand

  D.changing hand preference may cause serious problems


  五、Daily Conversation(10 points)Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the following dialogues by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


  A.I know a good place

  B.You’re welcome

  C.Not really

  D.have something to drink

  E.any one

  F.there’s nothing good

  G.Any suggestions


  Judy:Are you free this evening?Jack: ___56___?

  Judy:ShMl we go and see a movie?

  Jack:I love movies,but ___57___ at the moment.What about going to a concert?

  Judy:Sure,I'd love to, ___58___?

  Jack:Here is a good one,Mozart and Brahms.It's on at the Festival Hall.Shall we go tothis concert?

  Judv:Fine.We’ll go to this one.Do you want anything to eat now?Jack:N0,I'm not hungry.

  judy:Well,let's___59___ instaed.Jack:___60___for that.Let’s go.Judy:Good!Let’s go.

  第56题简答 填入(56)处的最佳答案是()。


  第57题简答 填入(57)处的最佳答案是()。

  参考答案:F.there’s nothing good

  第58题简答 填入(58)处的最佳答案是()。

  参考答案:G.Any suggestions

  第59题简答 填入(59)处的最佳答案是()。

  参考答案: D.have something to drink

  第60题简答 填入(60)处的最佳答案是()。

  参考答案: A.I know a good place

  六、Writing(25 points)Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a notice in about 100-120 words based on the following situation.Remember to writer it clearly.

  第61题 你(Li Yuan)负责组织一次班级郊游活动。请根据以下提示写一份通知:






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